Descendents(2015)/ Yaoi related fanfics

Collection of fanfics for Jay/Carlos, Ben/Carlos or any other related pairings

  • The shipping of characters only limits to yaoi relationships

  • Please click on the title of the fanfic to read more (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

※Ben x Carlos※

Tales From The Heart  by InternationalChoclate 

This fanfic is a collection of short stories for different parings, based on what the readers requested. I advise people who only ship Ben/Carlos together should only read Chapter 3.

※Carlos x Jay※

Decending Love by anesan317

Currently updated to Chapter 4

(includes M-rated content)

※Jay x Carlos※

Community Bookstores and Spontaneous Dates by 2manyOTPs 

A short T-rated story about setting up a "date", the author thought that she botched the story but I think that the ending is quite sweet.

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